Reaching the unreached, Teaching the untaught

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DPM’s Work In China

Our outreach plan for the next few months is to provide 200,000 Chinese Christians with solid Bible teaching like The Foundation Series, Rediscovering God’s Church, Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose, Proclaiming God’s Word, The Self-Study Bible Course, Secrets of a Prayer Warrior and more.

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Video Interview

An interview with DPM-China Director, Ross Paterson. Recognized as an expert on the church in China today and author of several books on this topic, Ross now directs our outreach to China, assisted by workers in China, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand, and many other countries.

Ross Paterson

Legacy Radio

Derek's main gift was to explain the message of the Bible in a straightforward way. Derek was committed to reaching those who have no other way to hear God's Word. Today Derek Prince Ministries continues this work by faithfully broadcasting the message of the gospel all over the world.

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